What should Muslims make of George Galloway? TEMPLATE ANALYSIS

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ANALYSIS – This week the Respect MP for Bradford West appeared on the BBC’s Question Time and was confronted about the rise of anti-semitism in the UK. The rest you can see on the BBC’s iplayer for yourself – but he was jeered and booed by some Israel supporting Jews who think that criticising Israel is anti-semitism. Trouble is these clowns clearly have an ear in the BBC editorial board and that has seeped into the coverage of Israel’s illegal – under international law – occupation of west Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem as well as Israel’s assaults on it’s neighbours – Lebanon and Syria,  which are also a breach of those nations’ sovereignty the very basis of international law. Of course, George Galloway never said any of this  but he didn’t say he hated Jews or agreed with attacks on Jews – he simply pointed out facts that Israel’s…

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