Time to accept Russia is the aggressor in the Ukraine Conflict TEMPLATE ANALYSIS

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ANALYSIS – One outcome is certain if the current state of affairs is allowed to continue – the creation of a NEW Russia in the east of Ukraine. The rebels are fighting despite a ceasefire which was also broken by the Russian backed fighters on the first time - this can only mean they are intent on securing a railway link from Donetsk to Luhansk. Already, the newly emerging state has secured the airport – all it needs is the port of Mariupol for a link to Russia proper. The longer this conflict is allowed to drag on, the less favourably Vladimir Putin is emerging – clearly he doesn’t care, Russia’s sovereign wealth funds are large enough to sustain it through any Western sanctions and he clearly doesn’t fear Europe’s military prowess, which has fought poorly in other theatres. Ukraine says it needs modern weapons to defend itself – unfortunately…

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