What now for Iraq – a Kurdistan? TEMPLATE ANALYSIS #WarAgainstISIS




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ANALYSIS – With Iraqi forces now in Tikrit, the race is on for Mosul. Already, we are seeing images of mass destruction of ancient world heritage sites and artifacts by the rebels called ISIS who have come from nowhere to control nothern Iraq and the vacated areas of Syria. Kurdish peshmerghas who struggled to gain control of Kobane are now being trained by western powers – including Israel – for the Kurds too have their sights set on Mosul as the capital of a future Kurdistan. What we are seeing is a struggle for the future of a nation – a nation that has been fighting for decades first against Iran and now the US, which has sought to break up this ‘troublesome’ state from the moment Iraq invaded Kuwait. You would have thought the West would have learned by now – South Sudan the newest state is falling apart…

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