4 thoughts on “PALESTINE .. 100 YEARS AGO #Palestine #Israel #Occupation”

  1. I am a Palestinian refugee 1948. I am writing my life experiences in book form. Google – In Anorak – Israel and Palestine 1920-1948: The story in 100 photos. I want to include the photo of Sansur building Jaffa Road/Ben Yehuda Road with the legend in my story. I therefore ask if you will kindly allow me to use this photo and text. I shall be grateful if you will reply with a positive answer. Kind regards
    George A.Kouchakji (86)


      1. Many thanks. I am working on the last but most difficult part which could become endless, if I do not push on my breaks and stop. The book will not be published for commercial purposes or profit, at least for the start. It will be distributed to friends, relatives and whoever may be interested to know how I lived during my childhood and teens and how I managed to fight my way through as Palestinian refugee 1948. I was about 18 then. When the book is ready for distribution I could send you one if you will send me your post address.
        Best wishes and kind regards.
        George Alfred Kouchakji


  2. I need only the permission to shoot a photo of the Sansur building with my camera directly from my desktop together with the underlying comment. I intend to present it to the readers with my own criticism about the misleading information of self-praising while unfairly defaming the others. The owner of the dominant Sansur building in this photo is a Palestinian family I personally know, and there were no skyscrapers in Jerusalem at that time. I need only to copy the photo with the attached comment, and Anorak’s printed statement of approval if Copyright is still valid.
    For the time beeing I do not intend to publish in the IT.
    Best wishes and kind regards,
    George Alfred Kouchakji


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