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After the slaughter in Gaza, how can we look at our children again


One child was killed every hour during Israel’s 29-day campaign to destroy Hamas – and yet the US, Europe and UK did nothing to rein in their ally.
John Kerry’s reluctance was chilling.
Here, was a nation that was flaggerantly breaching any acceptable norms of civilised behaviour and yet it was clearly being given carte blanche to do as it pleased against a defenceless civilian population.
The US, Europe and the UK make a huge deal of championing human rights, lecturing others and condemning Assad over his treatment of Syrian rebels. And yet they did nothing as Tel Aviv told lie after lie as it committed mass murder against the Palestinians of Gaza.ย  How can anyone take the UK seriously when it fights for the rights of children after this – there is no justification ever for taking a life, no individual has a right to take a life, or any state for that matter. In this conflict, we were constantly told that Israel was defending itself.ย  The BBC who condemned Syria over spurious war crime claims took completely the opposite approach when confronted with clear images of horrendous carnage. For this was Israel defending itself against rocket fire or against Hamas fighters using human shields. That was the line its news presenters shamelessly pursued when talking to a doctor who had worked hours trying to save lives at a hospital that had just been attacked or against those who had witnessed the bombings of UN schools sheltering children, or those who did not where to go because there was a good chance Israel would be bombing that place as well.
‘So what do you need now – more bandages?’ Maxine Mackwine asked one Gaza doctor who cried back – ‘we want the bombing to stop.’
No BBC presenter asked that celebrity Israeli spokesman Mark Rageb whether the response was proportionate or whether the killing and maiming of thousands was a justified response to the death of three Israeli civilians.
The Palestinians of Gaza were going through a man made hell, a completely avoidable disaster, and yet the BBC was throwing Israeli propaganda down our throats, for this is meant to be in the West’s interest and as a result we were meant to shrug our shoulders as we are told that killing children and civiliansย  was part of a conflict that had gone on for decades. We were meant to acquise, to be as passive as that toothless organisation called the United Nations which this conflict has shown it for what it really is – a front for the interests of the powerful, and not as it claims a defender of the weak.

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TEMPLATE ANALYSIS First Egypt, now Gaza – this is the West’s mission to ‘de-islamify’ the Middle East and North Africa (as predicted by John Prescott)


When Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood won Egypt’s first ever general election,ย  even the UK hailed it as a great event in the history of that country. But before Morsi even got a chance to become President his days were numbered – John Prescott,ย  the former deputy PM who served under Tony Blair’s war cabinet was warning thatย  the West was on a crusade to destroy political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa. He spoke on Russia Today arguing that the decision had been made at the time of the Iraq war. He was widely ignored.
Today, hisย  words are ringing true as we witness the 28th day of the slaughter in Gaza – a war Israel says it is fighting in self defence against Hamas.ย  Tel Aviv is joined in this enterprise by Egypt’s newly installed military dictatorship which itself massacred thousands of people as it overthrew the democratically elected government of the Muslim Brotherhood and set about destroying it as a political organisation. Cairo has closed the Rafah crossing which has caused untold suffering as injured civilians are denied any medical help in Egypt. Cairo, like many Arab states, is hoping Israel will achieve its aim of destroying Hamas,ย  for the last thing they want is a change in the status quo – one which would mean an end to their corrupt lavish lifestyles. Political Islam is a threat to them because there would be no more sheikhs and kings, it would be a world where the oil wealth would be evenly spread out not concentrated in the hands of a few. To the West, political Islam is a threat because they would have to deal with independent rulers rather than puppets. Anyone who still believes that Gaza and Egypt are wars on terrorism only has to look at the horrific pictures that have emerged to know that that is not true.

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