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EGYPT – The West will never be taken seriously again

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Egypt Protests 16-08-13TEMPLATE ANALYSIS

If Washington and London allow the gruesome events that are unfolding in Egypt without acting decisively, then any claims that they are champions for freedom and democracy will never be believed again.

Since the events of 9/11, America and her allies have always said their actions were dictated by the desire to bring democracy to the Middle East and further.

That was the rationale behind the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

It was also the reasoning behind supporting rebels in Libya and more recently Syria.

And now those very countries are offering little more than lip service when a military conducts a coup against a democratically elected President, and a bloody crackdown aimed at breaking the largest single political group in Egypt.

Friday has been designated as a β€˜March of Anger’ by the Muslim Brotherhood, a response to the appalling putsch on Wednesday in which at least 638…

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Mubarak’s PM and interior minister cleared of corruption by Egypt court #mubarak #egyptcoup

From Arab Spring to Arab Street – Egypt’s military overthrow Morsi TEMPLATE ANALYSIS

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The Arab street has spoken, and the army has listened.

Now, we are seeing the aftermath: Morsi is under house arrest, Β key members of the Muslim Brotherhood are being round-up, TV stations loyal to the ousted President are closed down.

An interim President is sworn in as the army says it hopes the Muslim Brotherhood will participate in a fresh electoral process.

What that exactly is, they have not said.

Commentator after commentator is now appearing on TV to say how unpopular the Muslim Brotherhood have become within a year of winning the country’s first ever national election.

Of course, this was an electoral process that had been initially created to make it near impossible for the Islamist party to win outright.

Those looking for parallels need look no further than Venezuela whose own democratically elected President, Hugo Chavez was also ousted by a coup.

He was also…

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