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#Libya’s LEADER COLONEL Mumar #Gaddafi WAS MURDERED BY ‘REBELS’ ON THE STREETS OF #Sirte SEVEN YEARS AGO #NayabChohan #TemplateNews #DistantEchoes #NayabChohanLIVE nayabchohan.com gnayabchohan.com


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9/11 HAPPENED EVERYWHERE #9/11 #September11 #NayabChohan #TemplateNews #DistantEchoes #NayabChohanLIVE 

Colonel Gaddafi is stripped, paraded and executed (and its all gone viral)


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In the wreckage of the country that he had built from nothing, he pleaded for mercy, but brutes dont understand what that means.

The men who had cornered the fallen dictator of Libya now set about humiliating him.

Never mind that he was a 69 year old man who barely possessed his full faculties.

Never mind also that everything he loved had been taken away from him at the last count he has lost three of sons and of course his adopted daughter in a previous bombing raid.

The men who cornered him and those who support them claim to be Muslims, they say that they understand what God’s last Prophet taught a community that now embraces perhaps a quarter of the earth’s population.

Islam does not permit cold blooded executions, or the celebration of some one’s death.

NATO says this has nothing to do with them, in the same…

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